Saturday, 3 March 2012

7 deadly sins on social networking sites

There are so many articles on how to use social networking to your advantage when you're a writer/author. But not so many when it comes to what not to do.

Here's my top 7 pet hates -

  1. People who contually ask you to like their page/book/website/link but they never reciprocate.
  2. Authors on goodreads who want you to vote for their book over other books. Fair enough if you have read their book and the other books, but if you haven't and they know you haven't then asking you to vote for their book is A-cheeky, B-an insult to other authors.
  3. Authors who only promote their own books on Twitter and Facebook and who do it contunously shoving it down your throats. They make no attempt to engage in conversation with you. It's just all me, me, me. My advice? Stop being a self-obsessed social networking monster.
  4. Spammers who put links to work at home/get a bigger manhood/prescription meds without a prescription in public pages on Facebook.
  5. People who don't apologise when their Twitter account gets hijacked and you end up getting 'someone's saying bad things about you' type messages from the spammers. Hey, one tweet is all it takes to say what's happened so there's no risk of anyone opening any links.
  6. Newbie authors who act like the only reason you are following them is because you are a fan. Most writers follow other writers for the friendship. Unless they are very famous that is. Think Stephen King type famous.
  7. People who never say thank you when you review their work or like they're page or do something else they asked. A thank you goes a long way.

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