Saturday 26 October 2013

Hell To Pay features in the Daily Record - with another author called JK Rowling:)


Hell To Pay's in the top right hand corner:)

I'm in the Scottish Daily Record's today talking about my crime thriller Hell To Pay with someone called JK Rowling.

Well, we're on the same page and it's her Robert Galbraith novel that nobody was supposed to know she wrote that was being featured.

Although, I think I need the publicity more than her. Think she sells a few books:)

Saturday 19 October 2013

Winners of the Name a Character after you contest

When Hell To Pay came out in July, I held a competition for readers. The prize, a starring role in the 3rd book in the series, Don't Come For Me.

There was only supposed to be 3 winners, but thanks to an amazing response (and because I'm so garbage at naming characters) I decided to have 5 winners.

And the winners are...
Thomas Dettingen
Kirsty Lothian
Per Lundberg
Connie Lundy
Bonnie Smith

Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks to everyone who entered and who took the time to write a review for Hell To Pay.

Each winner will have a character named after them in the 3rd Die Hard For Girls book, provisionally called Don't Come For Me.
Each winner will receive a complementary copy of the book when it comes out in 2014.

Here's a wee taster -
Nancy Kerr's in a lot of trouble.
Boyfriend Tommy McIntyre's missing, presumed dead, and the police think she's killed him.
But, how can she prove her innocence when she's got no idea where he is, or whether he's alive or dead?