Wednesday 23 March 2022

What happens after abducted Shelley Craig wakes up in Vile City

What happens after Shelley Craig wakes up in Vile City after she's been abducted and her boyfriend left for dead

Here's an extract -

When Shelley came to, her throat was raw. Water. She needed water. With one hand, she groped for the glass she always kept on the bedside table.

Damn, it wasn’t there. Must have moved it.

She pulled herself into a sitting position. When she moved her head it was as though a part had broken off inside. She flopped back down. What had she done last night to get into this state? She hadn’t changed out of her work clothes; she was wearing her work trousers that pinched at her calves because Stuart hadn’t noticed the ‘dry clean only’ label and they’d shrunk in the wash.

Trying to dredge up the last thing she remembered made her head hurt. Her disorientation wasn’t helped by being unable to see properly because her eyes were stuck together by the glue of sleep. She must have forgotten to take her contact lenses out.

Wherever she was, it wasn’t at home. She was lying too low down and the place smelt of unwashed laundry and mould.

Maybe she was sleeping on some pal’s floor after one cocktail too many. That had to be it. Think, damn it, think.

When some light permeated the darkness, the jolt it gave her was a bolt of electricity to her brain.

Stuart. He’d been attacked. Was he okay?

A sob wracked her body as she forced herself to sit up. This wasn’t the time to get hysterical. She could do that later when she was safely at home.

She rubbed her eyes with her fingers, picking away the sleep until she could see clearly. 

She was on a bare mattress on top of a rusty old bed frame, in a strange room with torn wallpaper and flaking paint on the wall. The bed creaked whenever she moved and she wanted to tell it to shut the hell up. She didn’t want him to hear.

She remembered his voice in her ear, saying he’d kill Stuart unless she cooperated. Had he hurt him? That thought made her sob.

He’d know she was awake and then what would he do – rape her? She didn’t think he’d done it already. 

Surely, she’d be able to tell, wouldn’t she?


Thursday 17 March 2022

the book trailer for Vile City

Vile City crime scene

Vile City crime scene

It ain't Spielberg. 

It isn't even a 5 year old with a mobile phone. 

Here's the book trailer for Vile City. 

Read it and help abducted Shelly get home. 
Vile City is available now, just click here 


Tuesday 1 March 2022

"intriguing and hard-hitting story that gets dark and gritty in places but tickles my funny bone" - Sharon Beyond Books - Vile City Review

Writers love reviews. Each is a gift. 

Here's one for Vile City (Detective in a Coma Book 1) from @ShazzieRimmel at who took part in my blog tour. 

Thanks, Sharon. You made a writer smile today😀

Book 2 in the series that was once called Cannibal City will be out soon under the new name of Butcher City. Also from Diamond Books. You can see more of their titles at and on Twitter @diamond_crime

Imagine my surprise. I am invited to a blog tour of a book by an author. I recognise, go to check everything out and discover I have read the second book already AND loved it! Well, that made this book a pleasure to read, and I was super happy to have the first book to read as well.

I do like a bit of Scottish crime writing and feel the standard is set high, too. This is an intense, multi layered, fast-paced story. Jennifer Lee Thomson keeps you on the edge of your seat through. As you think you have got it cracked, she cranks it up again and blows everything out of the water.

I was glad to be able to feel like I knew DI Duncan Waddell. His partner is in a coma, and Waddell thinks he is talking to him. It was great to delve into this book, as it felt like I was getting to know more of the DI’s background.  The issues that are handled in the book incorporate the sex trafficking trade and the demeaning and horrific acts that are inflicted upon the women.

Even with the heavy subjects that this book deals with, Jennifer Lee Thomson has balanced it out with humour and strong women throughout the story. It is an intriguing and hard-hitting story that gets dark and gritty in places but tickles my funny bone, too. The detective in a coma for me plays a large part in Waddell’s life. The fact that I have already read Cannibal City gives me a sort of insight to Waddell and Campbell that some won’t have.

A brilliant start to a series that I know I enjoy so much. Anyone who loves a dark, gritty, but funny too series!

You can read an extract here 

Buy it on Amazon here

Book 2 in the series that was once called Cannibal City will be out soon under the new name of Butcher City. Also from Diamond Books. 

You can see more of their titles at and on Twitter @diamond_crime