Sunday 12 May 2024

Vigilante City - Book 3 in the Detetcive in a coma is out now

  Vigilante City - Book 3 in the Detetcive in a coma is out now

Everybody expects Douglas John MacDonald to be convicted for the rape and murder of schoolgirl Kylie Donovan. When he walks free there’s a public outcry. But someone is not content simply to leave it that way. 

MacDonald is found murdered – his pinkie removed just like his 15-year-old victim’s. The police believe it’s an isolated incident, until more murders follow.

DI Duncan Waddell and his team have to work fast. They know that, guilty or innocent, no one is safe until they catch the vigilante killer.

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I know what you're thinking - yet another crime/mystery/detective novel. 

Here's why you should read Vigilante City- 

You should read Vigilante City because who hasn't asked the question has justice really been served? 

In Vigilante City that's the question being asked as those seen as getting away with murder are picked off by a hooded assailant, killed in a similar way to their suspected crimes. 

When the unthinkable happens and one of the dead turns out to be innocent, DI Duncan Waddell and his team are under even more pressure to catch the culprits. 

Vigilante City makes you ask the question - if justice hasn't been achieved, is it okay to take it into your own hands? 

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