Monday 15 July 2019

How Kirsty Gets her Kicks is finally alive and kicking!

After 8 very long years of winning publishing deals for How Kirsty Gets Her Kicks only to be disappointed when it wasn't pubished, along come Snubnose Press to make the dreams I had for my feisty hero (or is it anti-hero - read it and you decide).

Book description
A tale of skullduggery that plays out on the mean streets of Glasgow… 

One-legged barmaid Kirsty is in a shit-load of trouble after she kills one of gangster Jimmy McPhee’s enforcers with a stiletto heel to the head after he gets a bit too handsie. 

Now she’s on the run from the gang boss who loves to torture his victims before he kills them, with a safe-load of cash she stole from him and a hot gun. And she has company—a choirboy barman Jamie who just happens to be the only witness. 

She needs to survive long enough to spend the cash. 
Out now in paperback and Kindle at all good book stores and on Amazon 

This book is dedicated to...
Not only is the book dedicated to my best friend Benjy who passed away on January 9th, he also has a cameo role.

He'd have loved the book - mainly to sit his bone on.

RIP my dear friend.